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First of all, I would like to tell you about the picnic at Darlene and Richard's yesterday. Ariel met Baker. Baker gave Ariel a toy, or his mistress gave Ariel a toy, but he promptly removed it from my bag again. Kathy Kent was there, and Janet Traxler, besides Richard and Darlene, and we had a good time. The Milwaukee Brewers lost after giving up a 3-run lead. The food was delicious, but we picnicked inside because it was just too hot.

Today was the trip to Sonus Hearing Care Professionals. Ellie wanted to see the demo, too, but first Ariel and I went into the back. Ariel sat on the floor in front of the booth. I underwent the testing, with/without noise, loud/soft beeps, repeating words. I now have 50% loss on the right, 35% on the left. My present hearing aids are nine years old, and one needs to be repaired. The pair I'm interested in cost $3.095, and they are the behind-the-ear type. I'll let you all know how all that turns out. The deal I'm getting is "buy 1, get 1 free).

Ellie and I cabbed both ways. There was a mexican restaurant right next door, so we had lunch at Paradise Mexican Restaurant, Ellie seafood enchilada, myself Fiesta Nachos, extra h-peppers and guaq. Another hot day, but Ariel still parked behind the doctor's office, and continues to remain on my good list for not emptying en route.

Tomorrow I think I'll learn to play Dominos. Thursday is bingo. Friday is a trip for nails, toes and hair with Ellie. We'll see what Ariel thinks of the beauty shop.

Until next time, thanks for reading.
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