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Labor Day Weekend (continued)

Last Friday Ellie and I went to see my foot doctor. The x-rays taken were fine. I did no damage to my foot during training. I'm sure the weather didn't help, and the extra walking didn't either, and bronchitis certainly didn't contribute to my feeling of well-being. However, the consensus was that I needed physical therapy for my foot. So I have a prescription for PT, but I have not called yet to schedule it.

Saturday Ariel and I had a lazy day. My friend Josie and I had a spaghetti supper together. Charlie cleaned my ceiling fans which I can't reach. There is a problem with my right front stove burner, so I will have to put that in Sally's voice mail to get fixed. Charlie (Dr. Miller) is still putting in Ariel's ear medicine. She also received TriHeart and FrontlinePlus since it was the 1st.

Sunday: Off to church with Daryl and Orian. Ariel found the way in from the car, and was blessed also when we went up for communion. The sermon was good, and so was the children's sermonette. The coffee time afterwards is always nice. Ariel was under the table, actually under my chair, and she met a few more of the regulars.

Josie and I had breakfast together - frozen pancakes which wer good, and cooked bacon which we heated in the microwave.

Ariel and I were invited to Nick and Melinda's place. There Ariel met Templeton the white rat, Smokey the Leader Dog, Missie the Beagle, and there was also a bird but she was not talking yesterday. We had supper together, and it took a long time to get a cab there, but not long to get a cab home. We enjoyed our visit, and practicing folding the travel crate proved to fun, and just maybe I can do it now.

Monday: Today Ariel and I are invited to Darlene and Richard's for a picnic. I'm taking buns, Janet's taking potato salad. Janet and I are taking a cab there and back, I pay one way, she pays the other. Baker, Darlene's Seeing Eye Dog, gets to meet Ariel today. Hopefully there won't be too many mosquitoes out today. Hamburgers are on the menu, thus the buns, but I don't know anything else until I get there. I'm sure Richard will be wearing his chef's apron and cap, and he will be wielding his long-handled grilling tools.

Now I think that's it, so until next time, thanks so much for reading. Leave a comment if you like.
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