Rosy (ariel_dog) wrote,

Third Day

Hurray - Ariel and I are together four weeks, one month, today. Which sounds longer, one month or four weeks? Anyway, it was a long wait, and well worth it at that.

Today is the third day of my visit to Glen Ellyn. The weather is rainy and cool, very nice for walking to the bank this morning. We nixed the grocery store, and the bakery is closed on Mondays. Kathy and Cane, Ariel and I, came across some construction of a store front. The fellas directed Ariel and I, but held onto Kathy and Cane. We came back on the other side of the street. We passed the bank, turned around, with a sighted person helped us find the way in. We actually made it back to Kathy's building, but with the help of another lady from the area.

This afternoon Kathy and I watched a descriptive movie she had from the library: "Raising Helen." Good movie. We weren't sure about it at first, but it turned out to be a good one.

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing Yahtzee or Golf, reading and sending emails. Her reader, Bea, came for supper, read Kathy's mail, then went home. Kathy had some laundry, so up to the sixth floor we went. We spent waiting time in the lounge talking to other ladies up there. When laundry was dry we went back down to Kathy's apartment. It was raining really hard before, but by the time I took Ariel out it was just drizzling.

, I will be away from the computer for two or three days, but I will journal again when I get back. I want to take notes on my PAC Mate, though, so I don't forget a thing. We are staying in a hotel for two nights, and taking bus tours on Wednesday. I'm sure I will have food to talk about, and places we went and things we did. I don't know how much I will buy, depends what I see when we look. I won't forget Ellie's post cards.

Until I next post, thanks for reading.
Tags: vacation

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