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Here we are again. As I said in my first post this morning, I did play in the golf tournament. There were three courses to play. Each time a game was played, participants were eliminated. Well, I played the first game, scored 60, and was eliminated. Such is life! I just listened to other players go into the water holes.

Kathy is trying to teach me Yahtzee. Just when I think I know what I'm doing, then there is still another option in play. It's fun, though, and I will probably play a little more tonight. Time flies on the computer when you're having fun.

Tomorrow is a trip to the bank and grocery store. Kathy is going to cane it, I'm dogging it. We might stop t the bakery, too. There are lots of things around here close to her apartment. The only way we wouldn't go out is if we have a thunder storem

Until I next post, thanks for reading.
Tags: vacation

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