Happy birhy!

Happy birthday, Caroline! And many more, too.

Hope you had a safe trip going, and have a safe trip coming back. Enjoy your time there as much as you can.

My Christmas with my mother was very quiet. In fact, I knitted three fun fur scarves for my aunt.

See you and talk to you when you get back.

Happy Birthday!

It's a little early, but happy birthday anyway. Hope you do something special on that day. Best wishes to you, and safe travels. Happy holidays, too.
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Third Day

Hurray - Ariel and I are together four weeks, one month, today. Which sounds longer, one month or four weeks? Anyway, it was a long wait, and well worth it at that.

Today is the third day of my visit to Glen Ellyn. The weather is rainy and cool, very nice for walking to the bank this morning. We nixed the grocery store, and the bakery is closed on Mondays. Kathy and Cane, Ariel and I, came across some construction of a store front. The fellas directed Ariel and I, but held onto Kathy and Cane. We came back on the other side of the street. We passed the bank, turned around, with a sighted person helped us find the way in. We actually made it back to Kathy's building, but with the help of another lady from the area.

This afternoon Kathy and I watched a descriptive movie she had from the library: "Raising Helen." Good movie. We weren't sure about it at first, but it turned out to be a good one.

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing Yahtzee or Golf, reading and sending emails. Her reader, Bea, came for supper, read Kathy's mail, then went home. Kathy had some laundry, so up to the sixth floor we went. We spent waiting time in the lounge talking to other ladies up there. When laundry was dry we went back down to Kathy's apartment. It was raining really hard before, but by the time I took Ariel out it was just drizzling.

, I will be away from the computer for two or three days, but I will journal again when I get back. I want to take notes on my PAC Mate, though, so I don't forget a thing. We are staying in a hotel for two nights, and taking bus tours on Wednesday. I'm sure I will have food to talk about, and places we went and things we did. I don't know how much I will buy, depends what I see when we look. I won't forget Ellie's post cards.

Until I next post, thanks for reading.


Here we are again. As I said in my first post this morning, I did play in the golf tournament. There were three courses to play. Each time a game was played, participants were eliminated. Well, I played the first game, scored 60, and was eliminated. Such is life! I just listened to other players go into the water holes.

Kathy is trying to teach me Yahtzee. Just when I think I know what I'm doing, then there is still another option in play. It's fun, though, and I will probably play a little more tonight. Time flies on the computer when you're having fun.

Tomorrow is a trip to the bank and grocery store. Kathy is going to cane it, I'm dogging it. We might stop t the bakery, too. There are lots of things around here close to her apartment. The only way we wouldn't go out is if we have a thunder storem

Until I next post, thanks for reading.

Second Day

I started Day 1 last night, but ...

Yesterday Ariel and I got moving early. There was shower for me, adding last minute things to my luggage, taking my meds, eatring breakfast, and then it was Ariel's turn. After eating, out we went with a score of 3, then to the coffee lounge we went.

Charlie was kind enough to run Ariel and I to the bus depot. Ariel remembered her training. Charlie said she crossed the street and worked the depot just fine. I bought our ticket, then sat down to wait for preboarding. Once on the bus, I thought my bag would follow me on the bus, but it was underneath. The driver assured me I would get it back. Thank goodness I had my Pac Mate to read on the way up, and my fanny pack so I could eat a snack from it. Once in Chicago, Rick and Mary met us and we took the 45-minute ride to Glen Elyn, IL, where my friend Kathy lives.
Most of the afternoon was spent playing around on the computer. We were playing Yahtzee and Golf. What fun! Today is a golf tournament on the NVN web site and Kathy is going to participate. We enjoyed our meals, too. I met a number of people in her building, and am learning how to get where for the next week. Nice building! The weather is to be cooler this week, but I came prepared with three lengths of pants and a jacket.

Today should be some more of the same on the computer. Kathy is playing in the golf tournament - now she says I am! Anyway, I am trying to learn Yahtzee, too. The hours go by fast on the computer when you're having fun. I'm sure the meals will be fine today. I just had a taste of zucchini bread with pineapple - mmm.

Until I next post, thanks for reading.


I said I would be back later, and here I am. I have packing to do for my trip, but instead I'm writing in my journal.

Ellie, Ariel and I took a cab to Mayfair. We went to Boston Store's beauty salon. Ellie and I had manicures, pedicures, Ellie had her hair done, and I had a massage. The trip today was a treat from Ellie. We're going to do it again next month! Ariel did really well in the mall, also in the beauty salon, in the food court where we partook of Burger King's food, and in the store where we bought bagels and cheese for breakfast. I had a nap for an hour and a half while Ellie was being done, The same person does the manis, pedis and massages, and a different lady did Ellie's hair. The time spent waiting for our cab home was nice, too, the outside eating area at Applebee's Restaurant. I even had a braille menu to read while Ellie looked through the print one.

Tomorrow is my first day of vacation. If you want to follow my vacation, please read my blog which will be tagged "vacation". I am looking forward to this trip, and my girlfriend Kathy usually keeps me quite busy. Until next I post, thanks for reading.

Good morning

Well, here I am again. I will be out of town for a week, from September 8th through the 15th. I will be entering in my journal, though, because my friend and I always have a good time. I think I will tag my entries as "vacation".

Just to let you all know, Ariel and I, with Ellie, are going to be prettied up - nails and toes. She, Ellie is getting hair done, and I might have a massage. Anyway, we are off cabbing again, and Ariel will experience a beauty salon. After I get home, I need to put laundry away, then pack my suitcase for my trip. Ariel and I are taking the bus to Glen Ellyn in the morning.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

(no subject)

First of all, I would like to tell you about the picnic at Darlene and Richard's yesterday. Ariel met Baker. Baker gave Ariel a toy, or his mistress gave Ariel a toy, but he promptly removed it from my bag again. Kathy Kent was there, and Janet Traxler, besides Richard and Darlene, and we had a good time. The Milwaukee Brewers lost after giving up a 3-run lead. The food was delicious, but we picnicked inside because it was just too hot.

Today was the trip to Sonus Hearing Care Professionals. Ellie wanted to see the demo, too, but first Ariel and I went into the back. Ariel sat on the floor in front of the booth. I underwent the testing, with/without noise, loud/soft beeps, repeating words. I now have 50% loss on the right, 35% on the left. My present hearing aids are nine years old, and one needs to be repaired. The pair I'm interested in cost $3.095, and they are the behind-the-ear type. I'll let you all know how all that turns out. The deal I'm getting is "buy 1, get 1 free).

Ellie and I cabbed both ways. There was a mexican restaurant right next door, so we had lunch at Paradise Mexican Restaurant, Ellie seafood enchilada, myself Fiesta Nachos, extra h-peppers and guaq. Another hot day, but Ariel still parked behind the doctor's office, and continues to remain on my good list for not emptying en route.

Tomorrow I think I'll learn to play Dominos. Thursday is bingo. Friday is a trip for nails, toes and hair with Ellie. We'll see what Ariel thinks of the beauty shop.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

Labor Day Weekend (continued)

Last Friday Ellie and I went to see my foot doctor. The x-rays taken were fine. I did no damage to my foot during training. I'm sure the weather didn't help, and the extra walking didn't either, and bronchitis certainly didn't contribute to my feeling of well-being. However, the consensus was that I needed physical therapy for my foot. So I have a prescription for PT, but I have not called yet to schedule it.

Saturday Ariel and I had a lazy day. My friend Josie and I had a spaghetti supper together. Charlie cleaned my ceiling fans which I can't reach. There is a problem with my right front stove burner, so I will have to put that in Sally's voice mail to get fixed. Charlie (Dr. Miller) is still putting in Ariel's ear medicine. She also received TriHeart and FrontlinePlus since it was the 1st.

Sunday: Off to church with Daryl and Orian. Ariel found the way in from the car, and was blessed also when we went up for communion. The sermon was good, and so was the children's sermonette. The coffee time afterwards is always nice. Ariel was under the table, actually under my chair, and she met a few more of the regulars.

Josie and I had breakfast together - frozen pancakes which wer good, and cooked bacon which we heated in the microwave.

Ariel and I were invited to Nick and Melinda's place. There Ariel met Templeton the white rat, Smokey the Leader Dog, Missie the Beagle, and there was also a bird but she was not talking yesterday. We had supper together, and it took a long time to get a cab there, but not long to get a cab home. We enjoyed our visit, and practicing folding the travel crate proved to fun, and just maybe I can do it now.

Monday: Today Ariel and I are invited to Darlene and Richard's for a picnic. I'm taking buns, Janet's taking potato salad. Janet and I are taking a cab there and back, I pay one way, she pays the other. Baker, Darlene's Seeing Eye Dog, gets to meet Ariel today. Hopefully there won't be too many mosquitoes out today. Hamburgers are on the menu, thus the buns, but I don't know anything else until I get there. I'm sure Richard will be wearing his chef's apron and cap, and he will be wielding his long-handled grilling tools.

Now I think that's it, so until next time, thanks so much for reading. Leave a comment if you like.

Labor Day Weekend

It's been five days since I've posted. Now that training is over, technically speaking that is, I don't have something new every day. But I do love my dog! I stepped on her foot this morning, and she really cried. I guess she'll learn to avoid my shoes soon. I told her I was sorry, and she still does love me. If she could talk, though, I think she would use a few naughty words.